Individual Music Instruction Program

The RRISD Individualized Music Instruction Program (IMIP) is provided for students who wish to receive private lessons in their voice or instrument. These lessons can contribute greatly to every student’s musical growth and to the success of the school’s music program as well.

Private music lessons greatly benefit students who practice regularly. Before beginning private lessons, students and parents should agree to set aside a time each day for the student to practice. This will help to assure that your investment in private lessons is worth-while.  Private lessons are taught in the schools by instructors who are certified by the school district music staff. Each student receives high quality instruction appropriate for his/her ability level. Private lessons are taught during music classes, before and after school, and during lunch. The IMIP is managed by the band, choir, or orchestra director.

RRISD IMIP guidelines apply only to private music lessons conducted on the campus. RRISD is not responsible for private music lessons which may be conducted off campus. The IMIP is totally funded with contributions from parents and other individuals. All participants are expected to make monthly pledges to support this special program. This program has been very successful for students because of the tremendous support it has received from RRISD parents and fine arts supporters.

If you are interested in this program, please complete the following steps and adhere to the guidelines below: 

  • Complete the Private Lesson Application Form, have it signed by the parent or legal guardian, and return it to your school music director.
  • When a private instructor has been assigned, your director and/or the instructor will contact you to set lesson times.
  • Students are expected to provide all instructional materials (books, music, etc.) for use in the IMIP.
  • At the first lesson of each month, please pay your instructor for all lessons to be taught that month. Make checks directly to the instructor.
  • Students are expected to notify their private instructor at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of missing a scheduled lesson in order to avoid being charged. The instructor and/or the supervising director may make exceptions in the event of sudden illness or emergency. The instructor may provide makeup lessons subject to agreement with the student and parents.
  • Students may stop taking lessons at the end of any month. A student may be dropped by an instructor, subject to approval of the supervising director, for excessive absences, failure to make satisfactory progress, or unacceptable behavior.

If you are interested in financial aid, please contact your campus music program director.