Stony Point High School Art Club creates YMCA Child Life Mural

Beginning the 2016-2017 school year, Stony Point High School’s  Art Teacher,  Becky Freed was approached by district Assistant Director of Visual & Performing Arts, Tim Lowke on a request from our local YMCA. The “Y” was looking for a community partner to paint a large mural for their Child Day Care Center.

The Stony Point Art Club accepted the challenge and with a donation from the “Y” for materials and students excited to give their time, mural planning and painting began.

Members of the Stony Point Art Club worked during meetings all throughout 2016-2017. Students have been engaged in creating the scene that the “Y” requested. The theme “He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands” was chosen as subject matter for the mural.  Students worked on creating the globe with the continents and a background sky. Then they divided up the tasks of sketching the children and each art club member had a child to create. (Children and butterflies were drawn and completed by: Chloe Ibrom, Elena Montoya, Raynan Cravey, Belicia Hernandez, Yzabell Aguirre, Luhana Recarte and Bobbie Requejo)  One student (Jessica Oskam) helped plan composition then drew and painted the hands based on the drawing of one of our art club member’s hands. Member discussed about where to place things, how to complete the composition, and where improvements should be made.  The mural project has been a  wonderful community outreach opportunity and service to our local YMCA, as well as a lesson in team work, cooperation, collaboration and ultimately communication.

The “Y” will hang the completed mural in the Child Life Center at CHASCO YMCA in Round Rock and feature a plaque attributing the mural to the Stony Point High School Art Club.