Visual Arts Success at Region 13 North VASE

Congratulations to the 410 Round Rock ISD visual arts students who participated in the 2018 Region 13 North Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) held at Cedar Ridge High School on Saturday, February 10, 2018.

The mission of the TAEA Visual Arts Scholastic Event (VASE) is to recognize exemplary student achievement in the Visual Arts by providing art students and programs a standard of excellence in which to achieve.  VASE is sponsored by the Texas Art Education Association (TAEA) and is a UIL side-by-side event for the state of Texas.

With a total of 1743 entries from across 16 school districts and 29 schools in Region 13 North, RRISD students took a total of 319 level fours, the highest rating in the regional VASE competition.  The adjudication panel selected 128 pieces to travel to the State VASE event on April 27-28, 2018 at San Marcos High School.  Of the 128 pieces qualifying for State, Round Rock ISD visual arts students hold 21 of those places.  Congratulations to the following students and visual arts faculty for their impressive work and dedication:


Campus Entry Name Title
Zachary Jackson Cedar Ridge HS 169838 Moates, Madeline Ostrich
Zachary Jackson Cedar Ridge HS 170005 Nevarez III, Jose A Bullseye
Sarah Real Cedar Ridge HS 169904 Nylander, Lovisa K Melissa Kay
Sarah Real Cedar Ridge HS 163648 Petrik, Nicole M Happy Place
Abigail Soto Cedar Ridge HS 165991 Zafar, Haniya Mind Palace
Miles Bowen McNeil HS 167778 Cao, Alice Q Dominance
Miles Bowen McNeil HS 168776 Mckenna, Jacqueline Cl:x “voice-off”
Chris Robbins McNeil HS 168218 Greenberg, Ethen Struggle
Chris Robbins McNeil HS 165846 Jeung, Hari Sketchy Car
Justin Jackley Round Rock HS 167243 Barker, Sasha M Feesh
Justin Jackley Round Rock HS 167251 Beeler, Emily L Vw Bug
Justin Jackley Round Rock HS 168912 Salazar, Samantha V Reunited By Heaven And Drawing
Ted Sutherland Round Rock HS 166253 Hammen, Kali, J Alienated
Kristi Holthouser Stony Point HS 168976 Marshall, Nataleigha One In A Million
Anthony Garza Westwood HS 169121 Johnston, Ahyana K-9 Fowl Alliance
Anthony Garza Westwood HS 168634 Liles, Sarah Grand Ma Lance
Brittany Skillern Westwood HS 166816 Guthrie, Grace C. Botanical Contemplation
Brittany Skillern Westwood HS 166111 Hernan, Alysa Leave Her Wild
Brittany Skillern Westwood HS 165858 Ngo, Emily D. Sweet Liar
Brittany Skillern Westwood HS 168462 Plata, Alejandra P. Thousand Mile Stare
Brittany Skillern Westwood HS 166829 Talton, Haley R. Desperation

For additional information about Region 13 North VASE, please contact Tim Lowke, Assistant Director of Visual & Performing Arts at