Round Rock High School Orchestra plays Carnegie Hall, New York City

Congratulations to the Round Rock High School Orchestra who performed at Carnegie Hall on Wednesday, March 14th.  Jennifer Parkhurst, Assistant Round Rock High School Orchestra Director, Lisa Roebuck, RRISD Director of Fine Arts and Sandra Vandertulip, Round Rock High School Orchestra Director led the students in a stunning concert.  Our students braved the snow and cold for a trip of a lifetime. 

The students visited the famous Time Square and had an opportunity to view the city from the Top of Rockefeller Center (as it snowed) and marvel at the engineering of the extremely fast elevator that transports passengers 1200 feet per minute and  travels the 70 stories in a mere 42 seconds.

The entourage visited the world famous Radio City Music Hall learning about the history, construction, architecture, Art Deco design, stage engineering and even met a Rockette!   Students continued their tour riding the ferry to visit the historical Statue of Liberty and visited Ellis Island and had the chance to visit the museum and even trace their ancestry.  

They continued their visit with a show of Aladdin at the famous New Amsterdam Theatre that is not only a famous Disney show with great success with the memorable characters and songs and spectacular costumes is also a technological marvel with all the stage lifts, flying carpets, scene changes and more!

Students enjoyed their time at the American Museum of Natural History with exhibits of dinosaurs, oceanic, astronomy, geological and human history as well as gemstones and more. Students rehearsed at the Carroll Musical Hall where recording, rehearsal and auditions in New York take place.

Students also had the opportunity to visit the 911 Memorial with the reflecting pools and Survivor Tree. Students were very respectful all while taking in the Freedom Tower that stands 1776 feet tall above the memorial garden.  Students also took time to explore the World Trade Center Oculus which not only serves as a transportation hub is also an architectural marvel with the massive open spaces and structural curves.

The students capped off their trip with a performance in world’s premiere performance venue, Carnegie Hall, Isaac Stern Stage with it’s unrivaled beauty and acoustics with a truly wonderful performance.