ARTS LEAD Cohort for 2020-2021 Announced

The Round Rock ISD Fine Arts Department is pleased to announce the first cohort of ARTS LEAD which will be professionally growing together in 2020-2021.  In Round Rock ISD, we are committed to a culture of leadership development both for ourselves and for others.  We have been blessed to work with The Holdsworth Center as one of their inaugural district cohorts in this endeavor.  ARTS LEAD is a leadership professional development experience that is specifically designed with the fine arts professional in a K-12 environment in mind.

Leadership development does not happen accidentally but by intentional work and attention to developing first self and then others.  Such growth is rooted in reflection, feedback, and accountability.  Everyone can lead from where they are and work to aspire to move up in the organization as well through leadership development.   Teachers are leaders of self, and teacher leaders are leaders of others. In the fine arts, this leadership can impact students, colleagues and community on a daily basis.

ARTS LEAD is designed for Round Rock ISD fine arts professional employees identified as possessing leadership skills and potential through professional growth. It is specifically designed to support fine arts team leaders, fine arts department chairs, visual and performing arts academy leads, arts integration coordinators and fine arts discipline program leads (ie. head directors, assistant directors).  We are pleased to be working with the following fine arts professionals in 2020-2021:

Sara Amy, Choral Director, Hernandez MS

Angie Bell, Visual Arts Faculty, Forest North ES

Maggie Bell, Theatre Faculty, Cedar Valley MS

Cathy Benford, Band Director, Round Rock HS

Brittany Dacy, Band Director, Westwood HS

Karen Fincher, Choral Director, Ridgeview MS

Jerry Gee Cordova, Choral Director, Hopewell MS

Lauren Glover, Visual Arts Faculty, Old Town ES

Jen Holsinger-Raybourn, Visual Arts Faculty, Spicewood ES

Chris Koenig, Elementary Music Faculty, Herrington ES

Stephanie Ludlow, Visual Arts Faculty, Pearson Ranch MS

Ruth McEntire, Elementary Music Faculty, Elsa England ES

Bailey McLaughlin, Choral Director, Deerpark MS

Kelley Morgan, Dance Faculty, Pearson Ranch MS

Melinda Norris, Dance Faculty, Grisham MS

John T. Peterson, Band Director, Cedar Ridge HS

Kevin Porras, Elementary Music Faculty, Brushy Creek / Joe Lee Johnson ES

Randy Preston, Choral Director, Stony Point HS

Heather Rosen, Choral Director, C.D. Fulkes MS

Angel Scrudder, Dance Director, McNeil HS

Karen Searles, Dance Director, Cedar Ridge HS

Kyla Spady, Visual Arts Faculty, Sommer ES

For additional information regarding ARTS LEAD, contact Tim Lowke, Assistant Director of Visual & Performing Arts