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At all grade levels and campuses, the fine arts support student learning by developing critical thinking skills, encouraging active participation in learning across the curriculum, and providing opportunities for self-expression through a variety of media. In Round Rock ISD, the fine arts are more than enrichment, they are a critical component of our graduate profile.

Visual Arts

The Visual Arts is a discipline of study that offers students an opportunity to develop aesthetic and cultural awareness through exploration leading to creative expression.

Fine Arts Enrollment


Total Class Count: 100%

100% of elementary students take TEKS-based Art and Music. (Seat time is 50 minutes per week, plus an additional 25 minutes every other Friday.)

  • Total Class Count- 23175
  • Visual Art – 6527
  • Theatre – 4504
  • Band – 4234
  • Dance – 2972
  • Choir – 2640
  • Orchestra – 1672
  • Piano – 351
  • Music Studies – 275


Lisa Roebuck
Fine Arts Staff
Director of Fine Arts
Tim Lowke
Fine Arts Staff
Asst. Director of Visual & Performing Arts
Charles Hobby
Fine Arts Staff
Theatre Liaison
Theatre Director at Round Rock HS
Marla Valk
Fine Arts Staff
Dance Coordinator
Nolan Jager Loyde
Fine Arts Staff
Asst. Director of Instrumental Music
Betty Jo Byrne
Fine Arts Staff, PAC
Performing Arts Center Manager
Dianna Guyette
Fine Arts Staff
Department Budget Specialist

The mission of the RRISD Fine Arts Department is to equip all students with the skills to develop and express their creativity through involvement in, and appreciation of Music, Theatre, Art and/or Dance. Student learners will apply skills and concepts acquired through fine arts participation across all subject areas. We commit to providing appropriate support to students and teachers to ensure individual and collective success.

Mission Statement

“The RRISD Fine Arts Department seeks to enrich the quality of life for our students and community through creative learning in the arts. Our curriculum and programs promote the application of the arts with the changing needs of society.

The RRISD Fine Arts Department provides opportunities in the arts for all students, acknowledging multiple cultures and heritage to enrich the experience of the learner. Students are invited to participate in and study the arts curriculum regardless of ethnicity, financial ability, physical condition, or language.

The RRISD Fine Arts Department plays a vital role in the cultural well-being of the community, promoting a global appreciation of the value of the arts not only in our daily lives, but in the development of the whole child. We partner with businesses, parents, and other organizations to play vital roles in supporting and nurturing the fine arts students and programs. The community embraces the need for appropriate venues for instruction and performances.

We strongly value the Arts in and of themselves, but we teach students to apply skills and concepts acquired in the fine arts to other subjects and their everyday lives. Students utilize their experiences in Fine Arts programs to become successful in their post-secondary education, and to become life-long consumers and patrons of the arts.”

Vision Statement